Influx (book cover, published by Silver Lake Publishing)
Gift for Smile (new artwork)
• Mediatrix Winter Catalogue (published booklet) pages one, two, three, four
• The Mercy Cage - Scree:transmissions CD artwork, Original and Final designs
• The Mercy Cage Press Release pages one, two, three, four
• Jordan Reyne - Passenger Press Release pages one, two, three
• Thread Issue One (remastered version)
• Shadowed Path Press logo & print banner
• Shadowed Path Press website
• Dark Domain Music banners

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Welcome to the third revamp of Symbolique Studios since its incarnation in August 2000. This site initially served as repository for multimedia artist, Jason Just, and while it still serves that purpose Symbolique Studios has developed and expanded as an entity and identity of itself representational of Just’s commercial work with the aid of associated partners.

The Symbolique Mailing List still exists and you can join it below to keep informed of updates to the website and projects Symbolique Studios is involved with.